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Open Mic with Ceni

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Open Mic at HopMonk Sebastopol
Every Tuesday night

Hosted by Ceni
Tuesdays are still rockin' with Open Mic at HopMonk Sebastopol.

Musicians wanting to play:

Please email Ceni on the Tuesday you want to play, between 3:00pm and 4:20pm

Provide the approximate time you'd like to play(Early, Middle, or Late) and he will try and accommodate.

Ceni@HopMonk dot com

He will collect your names/emails, arrange them,

Performers will be contacted by email before 5:30pm with a "yay" or "nay"

Time spans are as such (and approximate):

"Early" plays between 6:30 and 7:20pm

"Mid" will play between 7:20 at 8:15pm

"Late" will play after 8:15pm

There is a limit to 2 songs or 10 minutes (whichever comes first.)

This is a music only open mic. We are limited to 2 people on the stage at a time- no trios or larger bands yet. No spoken word or comedy.

[Due to COVID, mic covers are switched out after each performer and Ceni thoroughly wipes down the mic stands, chairs, etc., between acts.]