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Stars of the Heart: Full Day Experience

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Forging Pathways to Original Soul
Full Day Experience: 10am – 5pm PT

In this All Day Experience we will explore the four key pathways to Original Soul.

We will learn the basics of how to live from the heart, unlock the hidden power of feeling, engage empathy so communication is more effective, and harness the power of play as we find the game that’s underneath everything in life. We will move between discussion, demonstrations, and group experiences to have an ensouled day full of deep exploring in the realms of heart. We will find the guiding star for your whole life to connect you more fully with your life purpose in everything that you do. And use the heart as the navigation system to sail in the direction of what is best for your whole being.

*Master the language of the heart
*Connect to the power of feeling
*Resurrect unconditional love
*Engage courageous authenticity
*Live from the deep core of being

Adam Bulbulia is the founder of Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services in Sebastopol, CA, and Heart Centered Revolutions, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.